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Whether you are new to yoga or looking to deepen your existing practice, a private session might be the right choice for you! Do you have needs that you feel are unable to be met in a group yoga class? Would you like more personalized feedback, help with poses, or to explore further ways to deeper your practice? We can work together to create specialty one-on-one lessons to your suit individual needs. Private yoga classes can provide many benefits in a safe and personalized way.

1 hour lesson - $125*

Are you hosting an event with loved ones and looking for a unique way to bring everyone together? Private parties and small group classes offer an enjoyable and cost-effective opportunity to try yoga with a group of friends. Together we can design a group class themed to your special occasion to take place at your venue of choice

1 hour lesson - $200*

*Travel fees may apply based on location

*Discounts available for multi class packages

Please contact me for additional information 

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